How do you make an Americano Coffee drink?

One of the most popular espresso-based drinks is the Americano, but how is it made? Where do you start? 

Espresso is a potent concentrated type of coffee that is intended to be served as either a single or a double “shot”. This is not a shot that is meant to be drunk in a single swallow as you would do with an alcohol shot but is meant to be sipped slowly so you can enjoy all the deep, rich flavors. While a lot of coffee drinkers enjoy it on its own, espresso is also the base of many different coffee drinks. The Americano is just one of them.

There are many kinds of espresso on the market today so choosing the best one for you might take a little time. Luckily there are people out there who have taken the time to do some of the leg work for you. If you need a place to start, Barbara Whitney at has tested multiple brands of espresso and created a list of her top five. After finding the right brand of espresso for you and your Americano, the rest is as easy as adding water.

Pulling the shot

If you are an espresso drinker, the term “pulling the shot” is something you have heard before. For those just beginning the adventure into espressos, and the Americanos they make, this might not be a term you understand. The Just Coffee Co-Op gives step by step instructions for pulling the perfect shot and reminds you that just like everything else in life, practice makes perfect. Once you achieve pulling your best espresso shot, making a top-notch Americano is just one step away. 

How to make an Americano?

After you have done your research and discover your favorite ratio of espresso to water, making an Americano is easy as 1-2 and maybe 3. If you want to make a classic Americano you take your freshly pulled shot and pour it over hot water and appreciate the rich flavors. If you are looking to make an iced Americano follow the same steps, add the ice, and enjoy. 

Making the perfect Americano may take some work but when you get to sit and enjoy your favorite cup of coffee every day you will know it was more than worth the effort.