what is an iced-americano?

Is it different?

We are all big fans of coffee. That comforting hot drink gets us up and going every single morning and we are incredibly thankful for it. However, we sometimes need a change. Maybe it’s too hot outside for a scalding hot mug, or you might have had so many cups of steaming coffee that you feel you might never cool off. The wonderful thing about most coffee drinks is that turning them from a hot drink to a cold one is as simple as adding ice. The Americano is no exception.

How do you make it?

Making the perfect Americano all depends on your taste. If you have done your research and taken the time to perfect your recipe you know just how much water and espresso you love in your favorite hot Americano. The wonderful thing about that Americano you have spent so much time working on is that all you need to do to make it the perfect Iced Americano is as simple as it sounds, you just need to add ice. 

Hot or cold water?

Depending on the temperature of the water you used to make your drink you can choose to let it cool a little bit before you add the ice, or if you follow the instructions of Mike Jones with Third Rail Coffee it is as simple as making an Americano and pouring ice directly into the freshly made drink. He suggests that you make the Americano with cool water instead of hot. This might change the flavor of the Iced Americano but just like every other part of this amazing drink, how it is made comes down to your own personal preference. Taking the time to try different recipes until it tastes just right to you is the most essential step to making a great Iced Americano. 

Any other ideas?

The Americano is the perfect drink for anyone who likes to have both options and complete control over the way their favorite drink tastes. Taking that beloved drink and adding it to a cup of ice makes it the kind of drink you can enjoy any time of year. DominikaZR from instructables.com even suggests adding various kinds of fruit to your Iced Americano. So, however you decide to drink it, hot or over ice, there is no wrong way to enjoy an Americano.